Sea Kayaking trips
stewart island

What is gear do you supply for rental trips?
Basically all you will need for kayaking. The rental fee covers: Buoyancy aid, spray deck, fibreglass paddles, spray jackets, neoprene booties, split paddle, waterproof maps, sponge, bilge pump, handheld flares, comprehensive toolkit, marine VHF and advice in planning your trip.

How much experience do I need to go on a guided trip?
No experience is required for the guided trips. Your guide will do all they can to make you feel comfortable, allowing you to have a good look around. The paddling around Stewart Island has so many distractions, people soon forgot all their initial worries about kayaking...
One on one tuition is given on water to help you become a more efficient paddler. All trips are of 5 people or less.

What should I wear & bring?
Synthetic material is best, polyprop is ideal as it doesn't hold moisture. Neoprene booties and spray jackets are provided. The odds are against you falling out so generally we don't wear wetsuits paddling. As far as what to bring, camera (I have waterproof bags), something warm to wear after, sunglasses, hat and a towel.

When is the best time of year to go?
Hard question.
Stewart Islands weather is 'delightfully changeable'. Winter can have some amazing days, but generally I would recommend coming sometime between Oct-May

What age do children have to be to go kayaking?
As well as sea kayaks, there are "Sit on Top" double and single kayaks. These are ideal for young kids they are open so there is no feeling of being 'trapped' in a cockpit. Based in Halfmoon Bay they are ideal for 'gentle exploring' along the coast in the many wee bays and beaches.  This is a great way to build water confidence.  On guided sea kayak trips, it is dependent on others in the tour, if it is just the family, we can go along at any pace, balancing up abilities in double kayaks. So there is no set age, all dependent on the individuals water confidence and ability.

How can I pay?
I don't have a EFTPOS facility, so payment by cash or cheque only. There are places on the island that give out cash, but there is no bank or ATM on the island.

Will I get wet?
Hmmm, hopefully not.  It is extremely rare for anyone to tip out of their kayak, but getting in and out during the beach landing you may get wet below your knees.